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Go Behind the Scenes with Amanda

Here is an excerpt from one of the last Comedy Nerdletters I sent out to friends and family:

The first thing my father said to me back years ago when I told him I wanted to be a comedian, was “Amanda, I love you but you’ll never make it.” I’ve already proved him wrong just by getting to pursue my dream and having published an EP. Thanks to everyone who has believed in me!

Once a month I send out a ‘Comedy Nerdletter’ containing exclusive video, behind the scenes info and any cool things I’ve gotten to experience throughout my comedy career. If you want to see my future selfie with Cypress Hill (and one day I WILL get a selfie with my idols) or hear about new opportunities I’m getting in my career, please take a moment and follow this link to subscribe! It will mean so much to me as a friend and as an artist 

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